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Endangered Species In Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania has 17 threatened and endangered plant and animal species.

Animals -- 14

Status Listing
E Bat, Indiana ( Myotis sodalis)
E Clubshell ( Pleurobema clava)
T Eagle, bald (lower 48 States) ( Haliaeetus leucocephalus)
T Lynx, Canada (lower 48 States) ( Lynx canadensis)
E Mucket, pink ( Lampsilis abrupta)
E Pearlymussel, cracking ( Hemistena lata)
E Pigtoe, rough ( Pleurobema plenum)
E Pimpleback, orangefoot ( Plethobasus cooperianus)
E Plover, piping (Great Lakes watershed) ( Charadrius melodus)
E Puma, eastern ( Puma concolor couguar)
E Riffleshell, northern ( Epioblasma torulosa rangiana)
E Ring pink ( Obovaria retusa)
T Turtle, bog (northern) ( Clemmys muhlenbergii)
E Wedgemussel, dwarf ( Alasmidonta heterodon)

Plants -- 3

Status Listing
T Pogonia, small whorled ( Isotria medeoloides)
E Bulrush, Northeastern ( Scirpus ancistrochaetus)
T Spiraea, Virginia ( Spiraea virginiana)


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Endangered Species will survive with YOUR help!